Media Uploads

Vendor Media Uploads – July 6th, 7th & 8th

Media Uploads Closing Soon! Last Chance For Uploads!
Upload up to 5 images and one video (up to 3mins 30 secs in duration) to our online gallery.

PLEASE ENSURE YOUR LOT NO. IS CORRECT Before Attempting Upload. (NOT Entry Reference Number)

Please upload at least one image if uploading a video.

(TikTok videos are not recommended due to poor quality)

Veterinary Certs or X-Ray’s can be uploaded via the separate ‘Veterinary Uploads’ Link Below – (Vet certs will be accepted up to 48 hrs prior to sale)

You can find your lot number in the online catalogue. Please ensure you upload the correct files to the correct lot number. Once the gallery has opened for viewing please review your lot images/video to ensure they are correct.

Upload Veterinary Certs & X-Ray’s

(Please use this form to upload vet certs and x-ray Information ONLY)
This form will remain open until 48hrs prior to sale!