LotHorsePurchaserPrice €
1FloritaNot Sold24,000 N/S
2Mrs McGoNot Sold9,000 N/S
3Kyle ValleyNot Sold19,000 N/S
4Lig TaraM. Gichero (UK)14,000
5Small Town KidB. O’Ryan/J. Ewart54,000
6Son Of ThunderNot Sold2,000
7Just A TanFriars Lodge Stables74,000
7aGamblergoM. Collie (UK)40,000
8Good CodyW/DW/D
9Queen NelA. Delaney28,000
10aAlways A ReasonR. Menzies (UK)30,000
11Hold Your GroundR. Burroughs5,000
12Shabby HillR. Downes50,000
13Summer In MilanCash UK30,000
14Our ShaneNot Sold20,000 N/S
15Duce BigalowBallyduane Stud46,000
15aCloonainraJ. McConnell27,000
16Epic WestT. Malone (UK)60,000
17Tottenham GreenL. Morgan (UK)15,000
18Scotch StreetC. Collins12,500
19Lucky LionessNot Sold15,000 N/S
20Rock On JetW/DW/D
20aDear OrlaS. Carey9,000
21Birmingham AlabamaW. P. Drew28,000
22StandUpAndDeliverD. Astbury (UK)10,000
23Whispering DancerW/DW/D
24Vroomoz EileT. Malone (UK)12,500
25Fancy prospectP. Farrell20,000
25aNelson CountyNot Sold40,000 N/S
26They Call Me HugoT. Malone (UK)30,000
27Down The ParkA. Smith3,000
28Gone with the tideAC Hamilton (UK)20,000
29Famous LissS. Coltherd (UK)25,000
30Wine An DineA. O’Ryan/ G. Elliot10,000
30aWillie Shake HandsS. England (UK)18,000
31BalkitoJ. O’Neill8,000
32FlemenschampF. Fox2,500
33Baunmore JetCash (UK)6,500
34The Nelson TouchA. Fitzgerald4,000
35Chestnut groveW/DW/D
35aKings CaseyJ. Foster (UK)20,000
36My Jetta PlaneD. Astbury (UK)3,500
37Barryroe MadamW/DW/D
38Some BroM. Walford Racing (UK)13,000