COVID-19 Vendors


• Only PRE-REGISTERED Vendors, Purchasers, Grooms/Handlers and Transport Companies will be granted admittance. THERE WILL BE NO ADMITTANCE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. All interested parties are asked to vacate the premises as soon as their business is concluded
• Covid 19 protocol reminders from signage & stewards
• Multiple Hand sanitizer stations throughout site facility
• Toilets with hot water facilities and signage
• Regular cleaning of toilet areas & hard touch surfaces
• Covid 19 Compliance Officers stewarding throughout day



  • All Entries are pre-entered
  • Number of attendees limited to vendor and one groom/handler per horse/pony
    • Each extra horse/pony allows an extra handler i.e. 2 entries = 3 handlers, 3 entries = 4 handlers
    • Each extra handler must be registered with the office 48 hours prior to sale to gain admittance
  • There will be a staggered numerical arrival
  • Parking in designated areas e.g. Horse truck and trailer parking and separate car park by parking attendant
  • All attendees contact details checked against pre-registered list
  • On arrival Documentation of lots in sale i.e. passports to be checked in at main office
  • Vendor / Handler proceeds to pre-allocated stable via security steward entrance
  • Each stable is 2-3m apart
  • Veterinary examinations will be carried out in the vetting area with Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing in place

Presentation of horses

  • Horses and ponies will be stabled in stable yard
  • All Lots will be displayed in showing arenas at staggered/numerical times
  • Purchasers will observe horses being displayed from a distance behind railings and may engage with vendors to view Lots closer whilst maintaining social distance
  • Each Lot will be called/paged to parade areas approx. 5 – 10 minutes before entering sales ring

Auction and Conclusion

  • Handler + horse called to sales ring, vendor to Auctioneers Rostrum
  • Sales ring marked every 2m for social distancing
  • During the auction, Purchasers will be physically distanced in the selling area, and may bid in the traditional manner
  • On leaving sales ring vendor, horse and handler return to stable yard
  • If the horse is unsold, the vendor will be issued with Passport & ‘Pass-Out’ document & depart premises
  • If the horse is sold the Purchaser will be issued with Passport & ‘Pass-Out’ document on payment of animal