Vendor Uploads FAQ's

Where do I find my Lot number for uploading?

You can verify your Lot number by viewing the relevant catalogue online or when you receive your catalogue in the post. It will contain instructions to all vendors, explaining how to upload your lot.


Up to 5 images and a video of up to 3mins and 30 secs are permitted.

Once you have filled out all the required fields and attached the appropriate files. Click the Upload button to begin.

You will see a progress bar indicating how far along the upload is. This may take some time depending on your connection. DO NOT close the browser window until the success message appears indicating your upload has completed. You can now close the browser window.

The lot number you uploaded to is now locked and can not be edited. No more files can be added unless there was an error with your upload and you receive an email indicating that your upload has been declined. See below:

You will then receive an email confirming your upload has been submitted. You will receive another email if your email was declined. This is not instantaneous and may take some time to process. You may not receive this email for several hours or up to 24 hrs in some cases.

If you have attempted the upload and receive an upload declined email when the vendor uploads system has closed, you will be still be able to re-attempt the upload again even once the deadline has passed.

Your upload will appear in the gallery once the Online Gallery is open for viewing and your upload has been processed.

If you receive an upload declined email, the reason for it the upload being declined will be outlined in the email. The lot number is now unlocked and you can attempt the upload again.

Upload Issues

Video footage and images of very high quality (large file size) may take a considerable amount of time to upload.

Please ensure that you are using a reliable broadband connection.

The most likely reason for upload failure is intermittent broadband (connection which drops for a few seconds and may not be even noticeable but is enough to disrupt the upload and cause it to fail)

i.e. broadband dongles, mobile broadband, 3G  etc.

Any failed upload will be locked temporarily. Once you have received a declined e-mail your lot will be unlocked and you can re-attempt your upload.

Can I add to or change my photos/video?

No, once the “Upload” button has been pressed on the form your Lot number will be locked and will not be able to be edited or changed. Please ensure all details are correct before clicking the Upload button.


Photo/Video Standards

1. Image/Video Quality

All images/videos must be of good quality. i.e. not blurry, too dark, and that the orientation is correct etc.

2. Turnout

It is in the vendors own interest that all horses, handlers and riders must be well turned out. This is a great opportunity to advertise your entry to potential purchasers and attract maximum interest in your lot.

First Impressions Last!!

3. Safety

Current safety standards must be adhered to. i.e. riders wearing appropriate headgear, etc.

Why am I receiving an error message? 

“Lot No. already exists”

If you have already uploaded your entry you will be unable to edit or add to it in any way.

If you are sure you or your agent has not uploaded your lot already please email

Any vendors who receive an error messages saying “Request Aborted” or any failed upload will be locked temporarily. Once you have received a declined e-mail your lot will be unlocked and you can reattempt your upload.

Decline notices are not instantaneous and may take some time to process.(up to 24 hrs in some cases)

Why has my Lot been declined?

The following are some of the reasons why your Lot might be declined along with an explanation for each:

1. Description does not match

This means that the Sire and or colour does not match the details you entered.

Or that your Lot number does not match the catalogue description of the lot.

2. Unacceptable Photo/Video content

3. No Copyright material or images with watermarks are permitted for use in the Online Gallery. Please contact the owner of the images before uploading them to the Gallery.

No text and or advertisements of any kind will be permitted.

Any images or footage containing unprofessional treatment or handling of horses will not be permitted.

All horses and riders/handlers should be well turned out.

If your upload has been declined you will be notified by email within 2 working days. (Usually with 24hrs) On receipt of this e-mail you will automatically be able to re-attempt your upload, provided the vendor upload deadline has not passed.

This will also apply to any error messages received saying “Request Aborted” or any failed uploads once you receive your declined e-mail your lot will be unlocked and you can reattempt your upload providing the vendor upload deadline has not passed.